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What is Speak and Spar?

Speak and Spar is an application for the Apple® iPhone® or iPod touch®. The first of its type, it adds a new dimension of intensity and fun to your punching bag workout.

It is a great training aid for the boxer or martial arts enthusiast’s home or the instructor’s studio.

Advanced strike detection algorithms allow Speak and Spar to work for children and adults.

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What can it track?





Bo Staffs

Head-butts, Tonfas, and any other manner in which you decide to strike the bag

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How much does it cost?

You can download Speak and Spar for free. Try the limited demos and then purchase your favorite features.

The full-featured Trainer is $6.99

The full-featured Ring is $5.99

Trainer - Work on your speed and power!

At home, like a personal trainer, let Speak and Spar challenge you with a variety of punches and kicks. See your power and response time charted in front of you as you train. Your home workouts will be more fun than ever.

In the studio, let Speak and Spar run the timer, as students take their turn to see who’s the fastest and who’s the most powerful. Who has the fastest jab? Speak and Spar knows.

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Ring - Ready to step into the ring? Go for it!

Speak and Spar puts you in a simulated ring for a match, a fun new way to do interval training.

You set the number of rounds, how long they last, and the amount of time you can rest between rounds.

You will hear your opponent respond to your strikes. As you fight round after round, if you work hard, the simulated audience will be heard cheering you on.

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What does it measure?

Having a fast punch is great, but it's even better with proper distancing that maximizes impact to your target.

Speak and Spar measures how effectively your strikes impact the bag.

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Feature Comparison

Speak and Spar™ Hykso Punch Trackers Everlast PIQ ROBOT™
Strike Count Yes Yes Yes
Strike Metrics Yes Yes Yes
Focus Pads / Sparring No Yes Yes
Training History No Yes Yes
Reaction Timer Yes No No
Interactive Trainer Yes No No
Simulated Ring Yes No No
Detects kicks, elbows, knees, etc. Yes Punches only Punches only
Retail Price $12.98 + armband case for your phone & straps $189.95 $99 per hand

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What do I need to get started?

1. An iPhone 5, SE, 6, 7 or iPod touch

2. A punching bag - Century® Martial Arts, Inc. BOB®, or some of the other pedestal-mounted bags with enough space to fit your iPhone or iPod touch

3. An armband, such as Tune Belt® for your iPhone or iPod touch and two extenders to allow the armband to wrap around the pedestal

4. The Speak and Spar application from the Apple App Store®